Hello Jekyll

So my big news is that I’m starting an MBA program this month, at MIT Sloan. Realizing that I’ll need to take a lot of notes in the upcoming months, I hunkered down this last weekend to figure out how to stay organized.

I knew that I wanted to write notes in Sublime Text with Markdown (my usual method) but wasn’t sure how to organize these text files. Well, it dawned on me last night, Github of course. Once I figured this much out, it was probably inevitable that I would start running Jekyll to host the notes online. Man, this feels refreshing. After orchestrating the bloated rock opera of WordPress at work all day long, I can come home to the punk rock of Jekyll.

So with Github in the mix, I also had the crazy idea to post my class notes in a public repository. I’m honestly not sure if I will be able to take notes in a “public” manner–or in a way that others will understand–but I figure I’ll give it a shot. It makes me wonder if during the 20 month program anyone will fork my notes and submit a pull request. If that’s going to happen anywhere, I suppose it will happen at MIT.

I’m off to fire up 13 Songs and spend a few minutes getting my class notes looking nice. I’m thinking EB Garamond in the spirit of the evening…