Fish Reincarnation

Stella Staring into an aquarium in the waiting room. Daddy, do they catch all these?

Me I guess they catch some, but the fish in there also have babies.

Stella But where do their parents come from?

Me Well, you’re right. Their parents or their grandparents or the great-grandparents were caught.

Stella So they have babies and then they die?

Me Not right away, but they die eventually.

Stella When they’re grandparents.

Me Yes, then everyone in the aquarium goes to a funeral.

Stella A fishy funeral. Smiles, stares at a fish at the bottom. That’s what this one is doing here. He’s on the rock because they buried a fish underneath. He’s at a fishy funeral.

Me So there are dead fish in there?

Stella Yes, in the rocks. Pause, looking at the bubbler. Then they bubble up. The grandparents float up in the bubbles.

Me Wow. What happens when the bubbles pop?

Stella Turns, excited They come back alive!