Letterpress Business Class at 2015 Lolcon

In June, I will be teaching a two day business class for letterpress printers at the fourth Ladies of Letterpress conference. Joing me at Type on the Cob in Mt Pleasant, Iowa June 11 to 13, 2015:

Letterpress costing and product development

Most letterpress companies make money by selling products. Survival depends on setting products’ prices above manufacturing costs and overhead costs. Let’s put aside pricing for two days, and focus on tracking the costs of letterpress printing; “pricing” a product to sell might be more sexy, but it’s “costing” that printers have the most control over. The first day I will race through the principles of cost accounting in a letterpress shop, and the second day I will use these lessons to put a new letterpress product under the microscope. I will share the tools and techniques that I have found to minimize costs (and risks) when approaching letterpress products.

More details will be posted soon at the “Lolcon” conference page. Feel free to ask any questions about the class in the meantime.